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Volunteers Packing Food


This endeavor helps us to provide nutritional food for families in need.

Camouflage Cap

"Cool Caps for Kids"

We donate Cool Caps which are funny hats for children who are experiencing loss of hair due to chemo treatments and other medical procedures.


"Dancing for Disabilities "

Youth who have been honored as Youth Of The Year plan this event to provide social and recreational fun. 

 "Peer-Mentor Program"

This program is an employment and training program for you 14 years and older with disabilities. The youth are paired up with another youth may have or may not have a disability, or paired with one who may have a different disability.  Youth are able to learn from each other as they learn to excel in a work environment

angel awards.jpg

"Angel Awards Celebration"

This event is held annually to honor Youth, Parents, Advocates,  Organizations and Individuals who are making a difference in the lives of others.

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